Shake Free from Essential Tremor

Reduce Your Tremor Without Medicine or Surgery

Drew Christensen, MD
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Shake Free from Essential Tremor

Reduce Your Tremor Without Medicine or Surgery

Drew Christensen, MD
Get My Free eBook
"8 Dangers of Essential Tremor Your Doctor Never Told You About"

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Listen in as Dr. Christensen interviews 20 experts on Essential Tremor and Brain Health who came together to share how to change your brain, IMPROVE TREMOR and live an unshakable life!

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Get personalized care and tremor-specific protocols at Living Health Functional Medicine, our clinic in Midway, Utah. 
Here's what our students are saying about the Shake Free Blueprint...
[Going through the Shake Free Course] "has been an amazing change. I find that I just look at myself and life around the tremor in a whole different perspective. What I'm finding now is I don't get triggered quite as strongly emotionally and I cope with more than I would usually.”

-- Susan 
" I have improved my left side, which was weaker. I can now reach out with my left hand and my ability to hold a drink in my left hand is much stronger.  I have improved my confidence in talking about ET. I’m finding I am not so shy in social situations. When I feel nervous I think back to heart breathing."

-- Andrea
“The course covers a wide range of material. It’s good to have the variety. There’s so many things I’ve learned that I didn’t know before that now to me make total sense.  I’ve really benefitted from it."

-- Glenn 

Drew Christensen, MD, ABIM, ABFM, IFMCP

Get to Know Drew Christensen, MD
Founder of the Shake Free Initiative
 After 40+ years as an Essential Tremor (ET) patient and overcoming many ET obstacles, Dr. Christensen is passionate about finding alternative solutions to help ET patients live unshakable lives.  This led him to create the Shake Free Course.

In December 2020, Dr. Christensen hosted The Essential Tremor Speaker Series, where 20 experts shared their expertise on essential tremor and brain health. 

His best-selling book, Start With The Heart, is a roadmap for helping people make lasting change.

He is board certified in Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine and is an IFM Certified Practitioner.

Dr. Christensen runs Living Health Functional Medicine in Midway, Utah.

He believes that there is God-given greatness in all of us that enables us to heal and live impactful lives.

He loves family, mountains, skiing, biking, art and geeking out on human potential.
Did you miss The Essential Tremor Speaker Series?  No worries, you can get access to all the recordings here.
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