Drew Christensen, MD
The Shake Free Master Course 
for Essential Tremor
Master Course
The Shake Free Course is for those with Essential Tremor created by a doctor with Essential Tremor!
You may have been told the only solutions for ET are medicines or surgery.  In my search for better answers, I've learned there are so many other options available today!  
I created The Shake Free Master Course to teach you how to think differently about tremor, how to protect, heal, and nurture your brain, and how to use the tremor tools and hacks I've discovered to live an unshakable life!
Weekly Training
Our 12-week course is made up of weekly training modules on each step of the process towards reducing tremor, strengthening the brain, gaining confidence in social situations, living healthy, and becoming unshakeable.
Weekly Coaching Calls
Each week, join me on group coaching calls for live training and question & answer sessions. Share your progress, get help when you're stuck, and connect with other Shake Free members.

Get The Gift of Coaching
Step-by-step guidance to improve your tremor.
I can't wait to share the things I've learned that have reduced my tremor and made my life better! In the Shake Free Master Course we've cultivated a community of like-minded people sharing and supporting each other along the journey to living an unshakeable life!

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Weekly Modules Include:

Mindset Monday

Shift the way you think about tremor.  Every Monday we explore how to use the power of your mind to change your false beliefs and establish new thoughts to reduce your tremor and live a meaningful life.

Tremor Tuesday

Learn the science behind essential tremor -- what lies at the root cause of tremor.  The latest research gives us clues on how to improve tremor and protect our brains. Establish a strategy to improve or beat tremor.

Wellness Wednesday

Your overall health can change your tremor for the better.  On Wednesdays we learn how to use food, sleep, exercise, environment, and more to improve your tremor and save your brain. 

Train & Hack Thursday

Implement brain training and tremor hacks to retrain your brain, stimulate new connections to prevent neurodegeneration, and encourage neuroplasticity.

Freedom Friday

Bonus modules to help you shake free from what is holding you back.  Improve the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and financial aspects of your life to become unshakable!

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Did you miss the Essential Tremor Speaker Series? No worries. We recorded the interviews for you. 
Listen in as I interview 20 experts on Essential Tremor and Brain Health who came together to share how to change your brain, IMPROVE TREMOR and live an unshakable life!

Get lifetime access to the recordings of these experts and their solutions for Essential Tremor, creating health, and protecting your brain.
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