Drew Christensen, MD
About Me
About Drew
Dr. Drew Christensen has never been satisfied with the status quo.  He's always challenging himself and those he serves to try new things, overcome obstacles, and push the limits of what they believe is possible. He believes everyone has  God-given greatness within.

It's no wonder he hasn't let his essential tremor dictate what is possible for him.  Having been diagnosed with essential tremor at age 14, he knows intimately the challenges tremor brings to everyday life, a professional career, and social interactions.

When his tremor threatened to derail his career plans more than once, he pivoted and found another path to practicing medicine his way.  After more than 18 years as a Family Medicine doctor, he founded Living Health Functional Medicine in 2014, and began to help patients find healing by addressing root causes and making lifestyle changes.  
Applying the principles of Functional Medicine to his own health has led Dr. Christensen to discover that these protocols also  improve essential tremor.  This has fueled his passion and desire to help others with essential tremor utilize the knowledge and tools he has discovered in his journey to improve tremor without drugs or surgery.  He continues to study and search for solutions while helping others reduce tremor, slow its progression, and protect their brains.  Determined to NOT be defined by tremor, he is seeking other intrepid souls to join him in the quest to live an unshakable life.

Dr. Christensen grew up in Arizona and spent most of his life there with his wife and four children.  He currently practices in Park City, Utah.  He loves spending time with his children and grandchildren, and relishes the mountain lifestyle of skiing, hiking, biking, and soaking his feet in a cold stream whenever he gets the chance. 

Shake Free Master Course
This 12-week course is for those with Essential Tremor created by me --  a doctor with Essential Tremor who personally understands what you're going through.
You may have been told the only solutions for ET are medicines or surgery.  In my search for better answers, I've learned there are so many other options available today!  
I created Shake Free to teach you how to think differently about tremor, how to protect, heal, and nurture your brain, and how to use the tremor tools and hacks I've discovered to live an unshakable life!
Did you miss the Essential Tremor Speaker Series?  No worries.  We recorded the interviews for you. 
Listen in as I interview 20 experts on Essential Tremor and Brain Health who came together to share how to change your brain, IMPROVE TREMOR and live an unshakable life!

Get lifetime access to the recordings of these experts and their solutions for Essential Tremor, creating health, and protecting your brain.
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